Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Winter Ready Your Home

As the winter is fast approaching we always ensure that our vehicles are winter ready – snow tires, the snow brush packed, fluids good, winter boots by the door to clean off the snow covered vehicles or shovel the drive....but what about our home??!?

Just as your vehicle needs a few things to be checked off the list to be winter ready, your house has a list of things to do as well:

  •  Check for and seal leaks – around windows/doors, ducts, damper on your fire place and vents
  •  Clean out the gutters – clear all debris and ensure no moss
  •  Check or Add insulation if needed – in the attic, around windows/doors, outlets or vents
  •  Maintain your furnace – change the filter, check-up, re-set your thermostat for the time change
  •  Reverse Ceiling Fans – should be reversed (clockwise or pulling the air up and out)
  • Turn off outdoor water spigots –drained to prevent freezing & bursting, also drain & store hoses
  • Test Smoke Alarms and CO2 detectors

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